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  • Let the sneakers save your fashionable black hole with your conscience

    Beautiful fashionable girls are not retro jordans for sale long ago looking forward to this spring season?And finally can be a thick coat into the closet, those light and beautiful yarn dress, full of pants and so on can be out, of course, the most critical or to choose the footwear, in addition to high heels, the most Can be comfortable to wear clothing is a sense of fashion shoes slightly. Whether it is with pants or chiffon skirt or exposed a length of socks will let you create a good temperament. Many women always like to wear some high heels, because it can appear people leg lines are beautiful, short girls can also make themselves look more tall. But in fact, sports shoes can be fashionable, can be simple, can be generous. Sports shoes, it is regardless of the season, regardless of men and women, whether it is a formal point of the shirt, or the classic sportswear, or girls are beautiful US skirt, can match our sports jordan 12 shoes, everyone can hold live, how to wear Are not wrong a trend of a single product Oh ~

    Mix and match in the present is not what is out of tune with the mix, and some girls all year round are very love to wear pants, so now the skirt and sports shoes Match is everyone is like the combination of these two items are Is very easy to raise the level of a single product, who said pants will be equipped buy jordans with high heels, wearing shoes is the most chic thing. In Xiaobian's impression, it seems that girls have never been the mainstream of the game, but the Nintendo joint did not ignore the girls. This white high to help look really beautiful, golden walls composed of side of the LOGO, sparkling, shoes as canvas stitching leather, both good permeability and texture, soles are girls dedicated SLIM small Bottom, slender and refined. Always want to have a wild thin and warm trousers, hide the pants to hide the meat, keep handsome to keep warm. This wide leg trousers, unimaginable artifacts, and neatly cut and crisp fabrics are thick legs of the big savior, whether long jacket or short jacket can easily take

    Here is really recommended with the dress is a combination of skirt + sneakers, although this is not a new thing, but this season in the dress selection is the key, ordinary thick dress all Out, want to wear a little fashion is inside Take a graceful yarn dress, whether it is lace, gauze or perspective style skirt will give people a romantic feeling, although it has entered the spring but the weather is still very cold, profile down jacket or baseball cotton and thin skirt In sharp contrast, with a pair of sneakers is not jordans for cheap too fashionable. Beautiful fashionable girls are not long ago looking forward to this spring season?And finally can be a thick coat into the closet, those light and beautiful yarn dress, full of pants and so on can be out, of course, the most critical or to choose the footwear, in addition to high heels, the most Can be comfortable to wear clothing is a sense of fashion shoes slightly. Whether it is with pants or chiffon skirt or exposed a length of socks will let you create a good temperament.

    2017-04-26 11:18:02
  • There is a warmth from the snow boots care

    Chiffon chilly, cheap jordan shoes cold hands and feet MM or like to wear snow boots it, snow boots will give a foolish feeling, warm and stylish, and soft with the more let you cute index soaring Oh! Snow boots are the trend of the darling of the winter, but the cold early spring there are a variety of boots shuttle street, but whether it is a star or street people must not be a pair of snow boots. In World War II, the Australian pilots because of a long flight in the air, half a day foot is really cold, with two sheepskin wrapped into shoes to wear in the feet to keep warm. This kind of interior is soft wool, the outside is the sheepskin structure of the shoes completely solve the problem of warmth. So the Australian Air Force designated as a military boots in Australia began to popular, many stars, fashion people sought after snow boots successfully into the fashion circle. Originally because of the simple-minded appearance is called Ugly boots, because the ugly appearance in the fashion circle suffered grievances, by various exclusion and join the blacklist. However, relying on a unique warm property, so that it never left the fashion circle.

    Snow boots in addition to simple wild is also very cute appearance, unparalleled practicality is that it has many fans reasons. How good is the snow boots in one place?Snow boots and ordinary boots, boots, the height is very important. Ankle and lower leg is the thinest part of the legs, just a little exposed a little bit, legs can look very slim. Snow boots and ordinary boots, boots, the height is very important. Ankle and lower leg is the thinest part of the legs, just a little exposed a little bit, legs can look very slim. Wool and hair has always given a warm feeling, soft and delicate Setose rabbit warm and excellent, furry texture youth and age; soft and comfortable imitation wool inside, multi-directional wrapped feet, effective against the cold invasion, even at low temperatures Can also keep warm.

    With a stylish shape to capture everyone's goodwill, boots straight hair smooth and delicate, giving a warm beauty, embellishment small tassels, walking swaying; rubber outsole with high wear resistance and other advantages, Pressure, the bottom of the exquisite texture, to build a stronger anti-skid effect. From the natural fresh Australian choice of livestock leather processing, changing fashion design, a full range of services, create a synthesis of three-dimensional cut and other technologies; integration of the essence of Eastern and Western culture, to create a model of leisure + fashion shoes, so that everyone Enjoy the fun of the moment. Snow boots originally belong to a slightly larger volume of a single product, if coupled with complex decoration will appear even more huge. Put on too complicated snow boots not only the retro jordans for sale proportion of the body will be out of tune, but also become particularly exaggerated, so partial women of the girls, choose the style of boots need to be as simple as possible. Easy to care; comfortable low jordan 12 level with easy to disperse the pressure, comfortable and comfortable walking; wear-resistant rubber at the end, shock-proof skid, soft and flexible wear-resistant The

    2017-04-25 11:21:44
  • Daren favorite shoes, can afford a wardrobe

    The so-called pair of good shoes, not only the texture was called good, but also looks like a kind of moving ~ in the case of the hall, but also into the wardrobe! The The so-called into the closet, of course, is to be able to hold up the clothes of the cheap jordan shoes closet, handy wear a variety of clothes! For women, always less so a piece of clothing, that if you have a pair of shoes dedicated to a set of clothes, Xiao Bian think, your shoe how much?Clothes replacement rate is so high, how to do shoes?A pair of good shoes, exit rate must be high! You can have so few pairs of new bright and special shoes, but as a fashionable person, the shoe retro jordans for sale must have a few pairs of wild good shoes, so you wear it cheap jordan shoes will not be your shoes to limit the live! Called the shoes of the small overlord, so wear is very easy and powerful, what women should have shoes?As a woman, high heels absolutely can not be a few pairs! High heels style variety, it is full of tricks! Choose a pair of pairs of high heels, not only can help you add enough feminine, but also easy to control a variety of clothing!

    The so-called feminine, a big symbol is elegant! Elegant feminine can be said to be forever fashion! To the shoe to buy a pair of one can fall into the people's high heels, it is necessary! Thin belt hovering, shining stars decorated, not only meticulous charming, easy to highlight the elegant feminine! Speaking of high heels, fine with finished also worth mentioning the rough with! Rough with the advantage lies in comfort, while still showing the comfort of the feminine! Pointed rough design, pants and skirts can hold live! Suede texture with color, low-key and not significant monotonous, lit a hand! Have a pair of comfortable full, feminine and both the flat shoes, it should be! Flat shoes do not have high heels actually, but more of a small woman's jordan 11 taste, so this should be ladies favorite pair of shoes! Design full of flat shoes, can quickly seize the eye, but not too fancy! Department of ankle style, with bright and not bright silver upper, simply become the focus! Silver and black should be regarded as a pair of good color of the fashion industry, right, the classic classic ~ simple two-color with such a style, wild, and new enough! Patent leather as a trend in recent years, regardless of the season! Through a variety of handsome patent leather boots, spring and summer, of course, not a pair of patent leather shoes to match! Bright red, with a small square, dignified and elegant ~ to a color decorative toe, simple and wonderful, a small pants, Slim cowboy, straight pants, skirt ... all can get! As a casual shoes of the wild first, of course, can not miss a pair of fresh and small white shoes, if you prepare a pair of shoes will be able to hold up your wardrobe is not impossible, after all, a small white shoes is a pair of pants Get skirt shoes! Of course, leisure to double color is also a very good choice Oh!

    Cloth shoes of the era has passed, the leather casual shoes fashion sense is more intense! Even a pair of pure white shoes, the cortex is still more than the cloth quality of the trend! By the age of college temperament floor shoes, combined with leather to create a simple and comfortable, breathable leather, what season is suitable. Beautiful youth, of course, also need to decorate the color, in the spring and summer season, fresh wear can be said to be the most common! Or a comfortable simple dress, and a pair of pants and skirts can control the leisure sports shoes, then point the color, of course, is the best it! Increased in the band, how can leg legs short legs!

    2017-04-24 11:23:11
  • The gospel of the little man,

    With long legs, become a noble goddess, is a dream of every crush. In this era, short is not your fault, do not wear shoes is that you are wrong, with the arrival of the spring, the girls have already faded a thick camouflage, trying to wear thin slender legs, in fact, long legs secret Not on the pants, a pair of thin and significant high shoes, is the winning weapon, not only let you wear clothing perfect body, more in the gas field long rolling some, stand out in the crowd, become the goddess of great attention! In the quiet and leisure years, wearing a pair can make their own eyebrows to increase the shoes, it seems that everything is in the road leading to the spring, in the long years, you come from the crowd in the crowd, all disturbed Stepped on the soles of the feet, with an jordan 13 elegant high posture to find the beauty of life and moved, and instantly become a beautiful scenery in the crowd, as the secret of the goddess of the long legs, are hidden in these high-value increase in the shoes!

    Comfortable, soft leather fabric, so you have to touch the clouds of the beautiful, simple version of the interpretation of classic, full of casual wind lace design, highlighting the appearance of youth, as if the time in this solidification, in the quiet years , Let jordans on sale you feel the beauty of youth and fashion, the most surprising is that it is perfect to increase the design, will not let you feel tired, but also elongate the proportion of the legs, put it on, so you easily all over Style, you like the way, it can help you deduce it. Preference for small white shoes, not without reason. Simple, pure feeling, highlighting your full of youthful appearance, wild style, so you easily deduce any style, looking for their own footprints, that kind of firm, carved feelings, in the quiet years of the United States clearly visible With the version of the type, so you look random, lazy, only willing to jordan 12 pick up their own world of good, comfortable within the high design, so that you have a unique height, interpretation of the beautiful life. Pure, lovely star pattern engraved on the soft cortex above, so you like a woman in the Korean jordan shoes woman, full of fashion and vitality, become the era of strength girls, in the elegant time, we can always find a trace of different A low-key, restrained attitude to pursue the beauty of life, to this year's popular interpretation of the loose shoes, you graceful appearance, always people can not help but wait and see, will be sad to step on the broken, leaving a beautiful The

    Pure white and deep black, collide with a different kind of beautiful, unique preparation of the belt to the prism way to deduce it, like intoxicating diamonds, full of beauty, every detail is presented in a perfect process, highlight With your delicate, elegant heart, slope with the design, let you wear a new high, to do this era of high-profile queen, put it, so that you like the afternoon walk girl, looking for the light and shadow traces, that time, comfortable already Soaked in memories. In this springing day, wearing a pair of beautiful shoes, in an elegant posture slowly came to your full of expectations of the date to remember the elegant attitude of the paragraph came, dazzling sun for you To accompany, marching a good time, meet with him, just a good height, the interpretation of the eternal love, this beautiful throbbing, become the precious memories of time!

    2017-04-22 11:02:03
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